That Boy (Book 1)
By Sarathebeatlelover
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Holly Marx lived in Liverpool as a kid. She had friends and lots of family living close by. She even got her first kiss by the one the only John Lennon. But Holly was poor and she didn't like how she looked. Yet, it gets even worst. She was living next door was the fattest, meanest boy ever, James Paul Mccartney. They bullied each other, making fun of everything about each other. Thankfully, when Holly turned 10 years old, she and her mother moved to America. And she changed a lot there. Holly went from being a ugly, third class kid from Liverpool to a hot slightly rich bird living in New York. 10 years on, she returns to Liverpool for a year or so. Happily, she gets to see family and friends. Of course, though, the first person she runs into has to be the new and improved Paul Mccartney. He changed as much as she did. Going from a short, fat boy to a thin, sexy Beatle. A lot of things can happen in one simple year, and a lot of things do between Holly Marx and the young Beatles, especially Paul McCartney. (Book 1)

Chapter 1

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That Boy...
by Sarathebeatlelover