My Fairy Tale Utata...
By Oo-Maika-oO
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A love triangle between Utatane Piko, Kurotane Piko and you! Set in modern society, the word 'fantasy' maintains its existence in your mind as well as your life. Appearance is only in a matter of time~ A/N It's a choice fiction, there will be choices that lead to bad endings or good endings, or allow you to proceed normally. The choices I lay out will be marked by symbols at the end of the chapter or before the choice titles. For example, if you choose the first choice, then proceed to the next chapter with the same symbol before reading on in a normal fashion. Disclaimers : Kurotane Piko (c) Lya Yuki Utatane Piko (c) Sony Pictures (c) their respective owners ( I may use some pictures that I drew myself, I'll say so when I do )

Chapter One : The Man In The Void

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My Fairy...
by Oo-Maika-oO