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If you love THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, DIVERGENT and HARRY POTTER, checkout HOURGLASS. Everyone assumed Jasmine was a typical, confused teenager craving to belong in a world she did not understand. Nathan, an odd guy with superpowers, winds up on her porch after the untimely death of her mother. One seemingly innocuous event changes everything. Caught in unfamiliar territory, Jasmine has no idea that she was about to embark on a chilling journey she never knew existed. Family secrets hidden for centuries begin to unravel, and she wonders if the life she knew and thought she had was merely a facade. As the sheltered teenager searches for the truth, she begins to question her sanity and realizes that she is on a path of darkness that few ever experience. She finds the introduction to the other side mysterious, captivating, and even addicting. But soon realizes that an unspeakable evil lurks inside. With deaths occurring all around her, she is forced to decide whom she can trust and how she will survive in the world of deceit, mysticism, and passion. *UPDATING ON TUESDAYS & SATURDAYS*

Chapter 1 - Three Book series

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