Karma's Toy (Karma...
By Phoenix773
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Alex Shiota is Nagisa Shiota's twin. She was put into a different school, but she was transferred to Kunugigaoka Junior highschool. She is rebellious, carefree, lazy, smart, clever, mischievous, but most of all loves her friends and family. On the first day of school she starts a fight and is transferred to the "horrible" class of 3-E, but Alex being Alex didn't give a shoe of where she was put as long as it wasn't as boring as class 3-C. When she gets there, she's surprised to see her lovely bro, Nagisa there. They never talked about school at home cuz Alex hates it and if Nagisa ever mentioned anything about school, she would just leave the room. Alex also gets to meet new friends and a certain red head, who gains an interest in Nagisa's sister. Will there be love? Will Alex fall in love? Will Nagisa care? Will I ever shut up? Find out in: Karma's Toy (Karma x OC)

Chapter 1

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Karma's T...
by Phoenix773