The Missing Dolan G...
By dreaming-dolans
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12-16-1999. You may see this date and and think of the Dolan twins birthday, but when Avery Belle see's this date she is constantly reminded of the tragedy she was apart of on that day. On December Sixteenth during the year of nineteen ninety nine a woman named Anne Fronts, who was having trouble conceiving a child, decided that she would commit the felony of steeling sixteen baby girls from the local hospital, because this woman had been plotting this had worked on her plan for years she was anonymous. For years cops have been looking for her but the only people who know she's the criminal are the girls she stole. Their names are Mckena Rails, Jaiden Braxton, Mclean Sweets, Ella Cork, Haylie Rec, Talia and Tessa Brokes, Cat Moore, Jenna Forn, Elyse Bronze, Harper Stone, Alma Yelps, Amy Davis, Roxy Pasipio, Natilie Beck, and Avery Belle Dolan. The Dolan Family see December sixteenth as the day one of their triplets was stolen, well at least Cameron Lisa and Sean do (Te twin's sister and Parents). Lisa and Frank never got around to telling their boys that there not just twins, their triplets. What happens when the vine famous twins find out that their birthday is the same day as a tragedy? What happens when Avery is tired of living the wrong life? Do they cross paths or do they never meet?

One: "My Life concludes of....."

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The Missi...
by dreaming-dolans