My Celebrity Housem...
By imperfectdreamer
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Katelyn Valentine isn't a stereotypical high school girl. She isn't the type of girl who would crush over boy bands or dream about her wedding. She is, however, the type of girl who claims that all celebrities are overrated. Unlike her best friend Delaney, who is obsessed over hot teen celebrities, Kate simply enjoys the life without drama. Alex Monreaux is the hot new face of Hollywood. Everywhere he goes, there are cameras, intrusive paparazzi and persistent screaming fans. So what brings this young teen celebrity to a small town? Kate soon finds herself to be stuck, stuck living with famous teen celebrity Alex (who she had no idea existed until he came knocking on her front door). Left without a choice, she is now forced to sacrifice her ordinary lifestyle and try to make the best out of the rest of her high school life, that is, if Alex could make that possible. Who would've thought that living with a celebrity could be so annoying? © 2010-2011 imperfectdreamer. All rights reserved. | Thank you for reading!

Important Author's Note (January 2016)

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My Celebr...
by imperfectdreamer