What Do You Mean? (...
By SuagarCakes
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"Why do you act like that?" "Like what?" He asks. "Like your a bad *ss?" I ask. He smirks. "Baby it's not an act. I'm the baddest they get." He winks. "And you know you like it." _______ So we all know that Cliché Love Story where The BadBoy gets with the GoodGirl, right? Well this story is about a badboy, Levi Delrosario to be exact, who faces many struggles but doesn't show it through his BadBoy persona. And is caught up in position where the results could mean behind bars. And a GoodGirl, Raevyn Conner. Straight A student, who struggles with her weight and mother, but somehow takes it one step at a time. But what happens when family decides to put their two cents in situations? Somehow these two meet up. And they eventually get together and live happily ever after. First they have to get through a murder trial, family issues, money, siblings and diabetes. So the question is; What do you mean by happily ever after? ----- Note the word Cliché. Which means the story plots been done before, but I've added my spin on it. So don't comment "This is so Cliche." because it's not needed. And if you feel some type of way towards chubby people. Your perspective isn't welcomed. March 3rd #760 in Romance

《 Prologue 》

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What Do Y...
by SuagarCakes