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It’s Halloween night, and something weird has happened – one of the Sour Patch Kids has GONE MISSING. Now we need your help to solve the case! Read this story and choose your own adventure by voting at the end of each chapter to help solve the mystery! Think you know what happened to the Red Kid? Tweet @SourPatchKids using #FindTheSPK to share your theory! Hurry – before it’s too late! ----- Hey guys! It’s HALLOWEEN! Don’t you just love this? It really is one of the best times of the year for everything spooky and scary and…well, sweet! Yes, I said sweet — like as in all those delicious candies that we get to eat. That’s why I was thrilled when Sour Patch Kids asked me to help them write a story that was all of the above, and to ask you -- the wonderful Wattpad readers — to help determine the outcome of this crazy Halloween, er….make that Hallo-WEIRD….mystery! Be sure to read to the very end of every chapter and vote in the comments section for which choice you think the SPK Kids should make to help solve this mystery! - @KnightsRachel

Chapter 1

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