Breathe A Little (b...
By Nyxaie
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Meet Noah Hunt. He's the definition of a "good boy": perfect grades, all the right extra-curricular, doesn't drink, party or get into any trouble whatsoever. Why? Because he is on a mission: to get a scholarship and get as far as he can from his dead-beat father. He doesn't want any distractions- if you can't help him get there, you're irrelevant. It's always been that easy to stay focused until he meets a broken Damian Silva or "Silver" as Noah likes to call him. Can Silver show Noah all that he is missing? Can Noah save Damian from himself? Or will these boys be each other's destruction? Don't forget to add in a bunch of friends, jealous love interests, bullies and some strange happenings and you get their typical day of high school..... THE SEQUEL 'STILL BREATHING' IS OUT NOW! _____________________________________________________________________________ "Oml I love this book so much thank you for making's incredible ☺️" - yazmen98 "I read this in just a day and was captivated by the storyline. This must be in the hidden gems collection " -3ndlesslove "This was, by far, the best one I've read. It just resonated with me when it came to Noah's POV. It wasn't something that just magically came together. It took time and effort for them to get to where they are, and I respect that. It taught me more about how to look at things so thanks a lot for making this book. I meant a lot to me. I will definitely read the sequel and your other books" - Generik_Jay


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Breathe A...
by Nyxaie