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Everyone knew Locke de Davies - the music genius. Not everyone knew Zane Roberts and he was fine with that. He certainly never expected to know Locke or meet him one cold October night. Nor did he imagine that Locke could become so solidly embedded in his life within a matter of months, disrupting it in ways Zane could never have foreseen - for both better, and for worse. Zane, after all, had a plan. He had his future laid out and nothing was going to stop it happening the way he saw it. But when Locke begins to push and pull him with an ever shifting flow of barely-stable emotions under a playful guise, Zane is forced to confront himself and decide. What does he really want? The future he planned? Or a prodigy? ~~~~~~~~ Posted in one go so there's no waiting around~ Short novella dedicated to my followers thus-far ~ WARNING: contains some strong language and mature themes. Cover image: mish-mash of google images

Locke de Davies

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by RenaFreefall