She Rejected The Al...
By AriaCortez
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Nicole Barette the most prettiest girl in high school ,famous, strong, hot boyfriend, daughter of the packs Beta, the whole package. Age only 15...but looks hot as hell. Jason Harrison the nerd of the school. A little too skinny, omega of the pack. No girlfriend and gets builled by the alpha's son Jake Salvatore and his gang. Jake Salvatore the player guy who is the son of the alpha. He always gets what he wants. The moment he saw Nicole, he fell in love with her and makes sure to keep her close. A she-wolf only gets to know her mate when she turns 18 but a he-wolf gets to know at the age of 16. How will She react when she gets to know the lumpy is her mate..!!??? Will She believe him?? Will Jake interfere?? {Completed Story}

Chapter 1(Edited)

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She Rejec...
by AriaCortez