YouRs ForeveR
By srishtishobu
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She ran as fast as her feet could carry her, away from the place called home. She was hungry, tired and her 10 year old body completely exhausted, but she refused to stop. In her struggle, she did not hear growls. And suddenly, there were four huge dogs in front of her. HUGE DOGS. The patrol wolves were confused seeing the small human girl in front of them. They twisted their heads in confusion , growled lowly and moved back so that the girl did not get scared. 'Alpha' they mind-linked. ' We have er....small problem at the north post. ' ------- The wolves lowered their heads in submission and moved behind. The Luna made her steps gradually towards the child. "Hey Sweetie , what's your name ?" She asked softly. The girl looked fearfully at the dogs behind her & then at this beautiful lady. Luna , sensing her fright , said , " Oh don't worry about them. They are friendly ...dogs. " " Sara " she nodded and whispered softly. The Luna smiled. " Where's your home darling ? What about your parents? " The girl simply shook her head. She did not wished to go back there. " Would you like to stay with us ? My family ? " Sara thought for a while and finally gave a small nod. The Luna gave her a huge smile. "Well , then come on Sweetie." -- Sara grew up with her werewolf family. She knew everything about them eventually and had all the love she ever wanted. But, on the day of her engagement with her lover, she comes across Alpha Xander , one of the strongest Alpha. Problem ??? She is his mate.


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YouRs For...
by srishtishobu