My Bestfriend's Wed...
By insanexsanity
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No, this isn't a story about a girl who is madly in love with her bestfriend but he(ha ha) is getting married to someone else while she sits there and sulks about how much she would love to jam to some Taylor Swift and stay depressed for the rest of her life. Actually, this is a story about a girl who has to plan her bestfriend's wedding, who is a girl (much to your dismay). The catch? Well, the groom's bestfriend isn't the most tolerable person to be around. With his ego the size of Russia and a brain filled with sexual innuendos; he's the poster child for arrogance. How hard can it be to go through the wedding without wanting to rip each other's head off and feed it to sharks? Especially since the two seem to be warming up to each other slowly but surely. I mean, you're the bestfriend- you have to compromise and make sure that he/ she has a memorable wedding. Well, they're in luck because this will be one hell of a wedding.

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My Bestfr...
by insanexsanity