Black Diamond
By aibadbitxh_harem
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Sequel for My PHAT Life: Gabby Tell Me You Love Me... you should REALLY read the first book to get a better understanding of this book. Book two will be about Gabby and her younger sister Maliah life and struggles. {REWRITTEN} ~~~~~~~~ "Gabby, you a grimy bitch! " Kevin yelled struggling to wiggle out of the chair he was tied down too. Gabby let out a sinner chuckle before saying "Nigga, didn't I tell you Gabby died a long time ago. I know I'm grimy I learned from the grimmest. " Gabby sent a evil smirk over to her man. Maliah stood over Rodney crying as she held his gun in her right hand. Staring down at him, her hand started to tremble as she wrapped her index fight around the trigger. "Think about this Lil' Baby." Rodney said while staring at her with pleading eyes. "Come on Lil' Baby, we better then this." He spoke staring into her eyes hoping she didn't pull that trigger. {REWRITTEN} All rights belong to Malaika_Mtoto Do not copyright my material!

💎Chapter One: Black Diamond💎

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Black Dia...
by aibadbitxh_harem