Phantom Lens
By ParanormalActivity
  • Horror
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They say a picture can tell a thousand words...but what if it's sending you a message from the dead? Aspiring horror writer Gwen Coleman and her workaholic husband, Noah, have finally found their dream home and quickly move in with their young daughter Harmony and infant son, Caleb. What begins as an unexplained shadow in the background of their daughter's photograph, soon turns into an imaginary friend named Maria. It doesn't take long before Gwen notices a change in her daughter's personality. When Gwen begins receiving eerie text messages and videos from an unknown sender, she worries Maria may be more than a figment of her daughter's imagination. As the secrets of her new home are revealed, Gwen discovers that perhaps her life has become the most frightening horror story of them all.

Chapter 1

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Phantom L...
by ParanormalActivity