Come What May (Klai...
By Chalice-Lynne
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Imagine your soul mate's name is 'tatted' in black on your arm at birth.Imagine, when you meet them it turns from black to blue and then when you two fall in love it goes from blue to a permenat red. Can you imagine it? Well that's the case for one Blaine Anderson and one Kurt Hummel. They are each other's soul mate's meaning, they have a tattoo of the other's name on each arm, Both names are close to being fully red, which in retrospect is a good thing. But I want you to imagine, that if you fall out of love, the name turns back blue. Can you see that? Blaine is faced with so many obstacles that may cost him Kurt or even his life. Will he choose his boyfriend over everything? Will Blaine choose to have a red name on his arm or forever have Kurt's name be blue on his arm? In a story of huge obstacles, will Kurt and Blaine over? Welcome to: COME WHAT MAY.

Chapter 1

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Come What...
by Chalice-Lynne