Alpha Alexander
By WillowJane
  • Werewolf
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[COMPLETED] The only thing Phoebe Carmichael is looking forward to is turning eighteen. So when she's escorted out of school one day to meet an Alpha who claims she is his mate, her whole world turns upside down. Phoebe is determined to believe she's not the long awaited mate of the most powerful Alpha in the country, despite the turmoil of emotions his mere presence stirs within her. Throw in a rogue Alpha with a serious vendetta and a former lover who can't take a hint, Phoebe's life went from typical high school teenage girl to the most powerful Alpha Female in America. All before she turns eighteen. - HIGHEST RANKINGS: #4 in Werewolf (1 July 2017) #1 in #girlpower (29 September 2018) #2 in #feminism (29 September 2018) #6 in #alpha (9 October 2018) #1 in #packs (2 March 2019) #9 in #king (25 June 2019) #4 in #queen (24 September 2019) #1 in #human (4 November 2019) #4 in #royalty (29 November 2019) **** I DO NOT ALLOW ANY TRANSLATIONS OF MY WORK. I also do not allow my work to be published on any other platform of any kind at this time. Please do not ask me to share my work elsewhere; my answer will be a firm "no, thank you."

Chapter One

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Alpha Ale...
by WillowJane