Slinthead- Sequel t...
By CoarilineRose
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❝ Alec, your dad, was the bad boy. The slinthead. He got what we wanted then left. ❞ SEQUEL TO DADDY: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO READ DADDY TO UNDERSTAND Florence Walker. She's the daughter of Stacey Walker , the hippie woman down the street. Everyone knows her by her most ludicrous stories: Who's ever heard something as dumping paint over a car or slipping fake notes in lockers? Florence isn't any fool though; in her very own school, cocky and arrogant Blake Timbers, the schools bad boy. The slinthead. Florence finds herself falling under the charm of the Blake Timbers, and he shows her a completely different self. Her mom, warns her that's what all of the slinthead's do- charm, change, cheat. Florence is wrapped up already to finding he father- the slit head who left Florence and her mom. One slithead enough. But should she really listen to the woman whose forced her to recycle her nails, the one who stays cooped up in a broom cupboard and doesn't know what's going on in the world? They do say, mother knows best.... Cover credit: Art isn't mine, but I edited it up.


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by CoarilineRose