Think Happy Thoughts
By sosodesj
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Mellie Peterson fears adulthood. And in the Peterson family, turning 18 means becoming an adult. She's not ready to grow up. Not when it means her parents will send her away if they discover a single fresh scar on her wrists. Because self-harming is definitely not how an adult deals with problems. Mellie decides she'd rather die than give up the only form of control she's had on her life so far. Peter Pan takes it upon himself to grant her wish to stay a child forever and stops her from jumping off a cliff. He takes her to Neverland and tries to help her get rid of her demons, introducing her to the art of fighting pirates, charming mermaids and teasing indians. But soon after her arrival, Mellie starts noticing that Peter is changing quickly into a young man, and a beautiful one at that. Peter goes to her in search for answers about his new cravings and Mellie herself discovers what it means to be cared for.

Growing Up

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