Warrior Cats: Clear...
By beldridge
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*S E Q U E L to Cleardawn's Silence* *DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE FIRST BOOK* -Book TWO of the CDS Series- What would you do if you killed your mother? What would you do if you had to lie to the cats you loved, just for your own safety? What would you become when you realized you were a killer? Cleardawn is struggling with the truth that she assassinated her mother, Snowfall. With all the lies being told, will she be able to escape the truth? Make people believe Snowfall died of 'natural causes'? With an unexpected death on the way, she will suffer more guilt and grief than ever before. No one to count on... No one to trust. Will she manage to hide the truth, or will her world crumble and fall if they find out her deep, horrible secret? [Cover Credits: @-Constellations] COPYRIGHT, 2015 (c) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No plagiarizing or copying this story through electronic, print, or any other media without explicit permission. Erin Hunter is the specified owner of the Warriors Series. *Started: December 20th, 2015*


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Warrior C...
by beldridge