Teenage Dreams // H...
By _xpjm_
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"It's funny how everything comes unexpected, For I never thought that I'd ever be with you, Safe and and very contented. My marriage to you was arranged and surprising, What's worse was that you were filled with ego, And that I was despising. By the time I never expected your company to be fun and galvanising, I found your personality captivating and eyes mesmerizing. You stole my time, my energy, my brain and eventually my heart too. Soon I felt like I couldn't be happier to spend my whole life with you. I might have judged you way to fast, for not everything what it seems like. Now I know that you're my answered prayers, you fulfilled my TEENAGE DREAMS!!" Thanks to the very lovely poet, she's really amazing @ScrxptumAmore, guys go check out her work! The beautiful cover above is by amazing girl @A_J-mend Copyright© by xeniastyleslove All the rights reserved®√ ~X.K.

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Teenage D...
by _xpjm_