Snow Crush
By theoceps
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Tris... She has a passion for snowboarding and her family owns a ski lodge. She has a group of friends that all look out for each other, and everyone has known one another for years. Then one day, Four moves into town with Marcus. Four and Tris are likely to crash into each other. Quite literally, too. Four... The handsome new guy. He's been abused by Marcus for as long as he can remember. His mother left him at a young age when she passed away. Just like that...he had no one. He develops extensive, strong feelings towards Tris. Which starts to grow more and more while he is staying at the ski lodge. Even after he leaves it progresses. This isn't just some ordinary crush though, it's a snow crush. A snow crush on a gorgeous, talented girl. The duo is inseparable, best friends even. But, will he finally admits his feelings towards her? Or will someone come between them? -AU Divergent fanfic- {Beautiful cover by @hamiltonss} I don't own Divergent or any song, book, movie, or show mentioned in this fanfic.

Chapter 1

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Snow Crush
by theoceps