The Billionaires Re...
By KoraRae
  • Romance
  • billionaire
  • billionaires
  • business
  • child
  • heiress
  • revenge


RATED PG- For language. Elizabeth Lawson is the heiress of a billion dollar corporation. She cares deeply for her family and saves her brother from a manipulative, money grabbing diva. The pressure of having to take over leads her to a club for a one night stand. Ellie gets pregnant. Axel Halbridge is the step brother to the girl who was after Ellie's brother. She comes home crying to him and he vows revenge to the Lawson family. Axel is also the man that Elizabeth slept with, the father to her child. Years down the track, after many attempts to find the mystery man who fathered her daughter, Athena, he comes waltzing into her office. Axel declares war and that he'll destroy her. Elizabeth won't back down, she's fierce and stubborn, but Axel is intent on breaking her down piece by piece. Starting with the Lawson company. Elizabeth is unsure if she wants to reveal Athena, their daughter, for fear that he will use the child against her.


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The Billi...
by KoraRae