The Paw Print
By Debismita
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❝ Madness is the best kind of sanity. ❞ A cat named Doggie. A fifty nine year old schizophrenic woman named Ellie Fernandes. A young romance brewing in the neighborhood. Cupid may not know how to shoot straight, but two sets of cute paws and a frail walking stick might just do the trick. Hello there human, If you are reading this, I suppose you like my beautiful self up there. And since you like my beautiful self, I would ask you to be a beautiful self yourself by seeing what my beautiful self has to say. I know right, I surprise myself with how beautiful my self is. You might too. ~Doggie (This is from the cat's POV. If you cant handle brutally true things that are happening around you, don't read it. Sorry. Cats can't lie, you see) If you are looking for cliché, then you are at the wrong place. Ta-ta-bye-bye. Here, have a cookie for visiting. Highest rank #26 in Short Story

Paw print 1- Prologue

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The Paw P...
by Debismita