Diwa: The Folkworld...
By heysstef
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A vivid dream - Ilsa finds herself under the rain, mist, and in a forest far-flung. She tries to make her way around the area, moving through trees and boulders, until she reaches the edge of the sea. This is the same shore where she stood watching the high tide swallow her twin brother, Ilumin, whole several years ago. There is lightning in the horizon, each blast showing a series of red, blue, green, and purple. She then sees Ilumin standing on the spot where the waves pulled him under. Ilsa calls out to him and tries to rush towards him through the water. A flash of light suddenly reveals a relic with seven holes, causing her to wake. Six months later - A local fishing community near La Union, Ilocos is shocked and horrified to find three of their fishermen dead on their shores. What's strange is that each of the bodies are branded with a mysterious symbol. The local police seek the help of the national government's Speculative Department, a group of selected individuals with skills needed to unlock the city's strangest and most unusual mysteries.

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Diwa: The...
by heysstef