Klaus Little Angel
By ello_love3526
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"Bonnie did you open it yet?" Stefan Salvatore asked. They gave Klaus all of the caskets except the smallest one. They wanted to know if whoever is in there can help them destroy klaus. pop. "It's done." Bonnie declared. Slowly the youngest Salvatore went to it while everyone else followed. Once open they were suprised to see a little girl no older then 5-6 in there. She was were a little dress form earlier 2000's. She had Dirty Blood hair that feel around her. She had her arms crossed on her. In her chest was a dagger. One like no other it was golden with silver vines going down.The gang were suprised to see a little girl in there to say the most. Just imagine what they will think when they find out she is the daughter of the one and only Niklaus Mikaelson's. I DON'T OWN VAMPIRE DIARIES I ONLY OWN SAMANTHA MIKAELSON.


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Klaus Lit...
by ello_love3526