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PERCY JACKSON/STYDIA AU! "I hate Stiles Stilinski. I hate Stiles Stilinski. I friggin' hate Stiles Stilinski," Lydia chanted, fury simmering in her eyes. "Can you swear that on the River Styx?" Kira asked, with a rather nostalgic, knowing smile. "Gods no," Lydia sighed. "He's going to be the death of me." ************* Lydia Martin and her friends had watched their world fall apart in front of their eyes when the huntress Allison Argent had gotten killed in a brutal catastrophe they now only referred to as 'The Incident', which in turn changed them all drastically. Camp Half-Blood is supposed to be the only safe haven for demigods like ever, but their beloved camp and the rest of the world is threatened when a dangerous entity is unleashed during a ritual gone wrong on the last night of the year. Now Hades is furious, fellow campers are going missing, Lydia can't tell the difference between the dead and the living and The Underworld itself is in a frenzy. And it's all one Stiles Stilinski's fault. *********** Main Characters and Their Godly Parents: Stiles Stilinski - Son of Hermes Lydia Martin - Daughter of Athena Scott McCall - Son of Apollo Kira Yukimura - Daughter of Zeus Isaac Lehay - Son of Hades Malia Tate - Daughter of Ares Derek Hale - Lycanthrope Allison Argent - Huntress of Artemis ********** Note: This is NOT a crossover, it is an AU story. CREDITS: This is written purely for fun. I am in no way associated with Rick Riordan and his magnificent books. My cover image was taken from DeviantArt and edited by me.

fault lines.

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by xoeternalflamexo