A Wedding Gone Wrong
By fictively
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☆Life isn't a fairytale, if you lose your shoe at midnight; chances are you're going to walk home barefoot☆ Chloe never believed in love, her mother and her sister put way too much faith in the concept anyway. Then her old neighbours returned to their old house. Their eldest son, Nate was getting married, who was coincidentally Chloe's sister's one true love, to someone else. His younger brother, Matt was back to mess up Chloe's life. Handling a heartbroken elder sister, a wedding that seems like its too cheesy to be real, a hot neighbour that can irritate the shit out of you and juggling school? That's not difficult at all. But maybe, just maybe, Prince Charming isn't as arrogant as she thought he was. Maybe he'll actually return her shoe and save her the trouble of walking barefoot. *CONTAINS A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF FANGIRLING* I AM REMOVING THIS STORY ON THE 31st OF OCTOBER SO BE PREPARED Gorgeous cover made by @Perfectioners Highest ranking: #1 in Humor & #6 in Teen Fiction


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A Wedding...
by fictively