Rodrigo Zacara and...
By victorgayol
  • Fantasy
  • adventure
  • castles
  • fantasy
  • knights
  • magic
  • swords


Rodrigo is used to his best friend, Oliver, getting him into trouble every once in a while but never had he imagined that one of his craziest ideas would take them to the Kingdom of Karinthia, a magical world where each person has a different power. Although Oliver loves adventure, he soon realises the danger they are in: the entirety of Karinthia is subject to the tyrannical power of Emperor Arakaz and children are obliged to appear before him at twelve years old to swear their loyalty. Luckily, the boys soon find refuge in Garador Fortress where they join a secret order of knights who fight against the cruelty of the emperor. What they hadn't imagined is that one of them is destined to play a key role in this fight. Original story in Spanish: Translation by Rhian MacGillivray.

1. The Tower of Torment

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Rodrigo Z...
by victorgayol