Our Journey Togethe...
By kittipops
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"Blaire," "Yeah?" "I love you." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blaire Connors was the baddest of them all, she had 3 tattoos, drove a motorcycle, lived on her own, all at 17. She was known around for everything, and no one ever tried to mess with her. Grayson Dolan was a bad boy, also 17. He was the kid they all feared, all except Blaire. She hated him and he hated her. Grayson was a well built, fit, and very attractive boy, all girls loved him. He was a bully to Blaire, but she never really let it get to her. Grayson and Blaire have fought each other many times, they've been suspended for the fights. They have never gotten along and say they never will but, when they get taken across the country unwillingly, they find that they have a lot more in common then just fights and bad reputations. Follow their story, as they cross the country, in "Our Journey Together."


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Our Journ...
by kittipops