To Love Ink (BWWM)
By SincerestYellowPaint
  • Romance
  • abuse
  • bwwm
  • completed
  • godlove
  • hybrid
  • interracial
  • mythical
  • random
  • stronglanguage
  • violence


Meet Teddy Valentine, she's had a sour dealing in life. Her dad was always MIA, her mother sold her into slavery and her hope in men has been crushed, along with her faith in life, until her eyes meet the dead eyes Ink McThrill, a man with too many demons, secrets and mood swings. After she escapes and decides on 'Death By Train' he saves her and offers her salvation, little did he know, the little thick woman was about to become the center of his world and save his soul from himself, read and find out how they survive each other. Secrets. Broken Pasts. Tears. Forgiveness. Will their love last, in the world of Ethelia where anyone can be a god and any god a common man? ~I apologize ahead for errors. ~None of the images belong to me

Author's Note

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To Love I...
by SincerestYellowPaint