Legally Feral After...
By kittyslyfox
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Complete Book 2 (Don't read until you have read Legally Feral or things will be given away) ******** *********** ************** ********************* Five years have passed,since Ivy has died Alaxander has been grieving for the loss of his mate barley staying alive as it is the only reason he hasn't gone insane is due to him having his pack to support. He has still yet to know what 'gift' Ivy left for him,he still holds onto the memories they made together and hoping everyday that it was all a bad dream that he had dreamed and Ivy will come back giving him the same coy smile and possessive cling that she had on him. Ivy's original pack came back through his territory like they always did tho,they brought the 'gift' Ivy had promised him. However the gift she left is not what he expected. Made Sep,26,2015

Chapter 1 Beta and Alpha

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Legally F...
by kittyslyfox