Tempestade (The Enc...
By CocoNichole
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*MOVING TO RADISH 5/1/18* _____________________________ Tempestade // Tem - pah - stah - jee // (Noun): A great and terrible storm of untold power; Tempest. When the Jade Palace is destroyed and the dolphins are driven from their island homes, Mestra Sofia, Mestre Julio and his disciples are forced to travel East to seek help from the elusive Silver Clan. There the Oracle holds the last hope for ending the war between the clans of Jade, Gold, and Stone. Sofi soon finds herself traversing through a territory with no laws, no clans, and no limits. In order to survive and avoid capture, she must abandon what she knows about Capoeira and adopt the Mainland's primal methods of staying alive. This means forming bonds with unlikely allies and reconnecting with Encantados of the past. Hidden clans, ruthless bounty hunters, and legendary giants await Sofi and her companions in the Mainland's interior. Meanwhile, Val's army of mutated Encantados pursue them from behind. Will the journey lead our heroes to restoring a lost prophecy? Or will they be swept up in the Tempestade - the greatest and most terrible storm in the history of the Encante? A New World awaits . . . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Copyright 2015 © by Coco Nichole Art by Mezamero: http://mezamero.deviantart.com/art/White-wolf-310234634

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