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I fight with you and you fight with me for US..........................I try to walk away but you anchor me with your Love, Faith , Understanding,Change and Respect. I'm ten miles away.............while you're fifty miles ahead waiting to make me see the distance you will go for us. Twenty-five year old Billionnarie Socialite Adonis Zade Virolark, Voted sexiest man alive three years in a row has officially been knocked of his ass. He knows it from the moment she walks through his front doors there's no going back..............Only she doesn't see anything worth going for, hell she doesn't even want to be hear right now! Letting go is never easy, somtimes you're just gonna have to draw every bit strenght you have from the depts of your being just to take that fist step, then I met Him.......He didn't ask for a step he pushed for forever. He didn't wait for me to take a step he carried me a thousand forward. May I survive both my demons an this possessive controlling insensitive jerk.

Chapter-1 What the F**K Really!

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The Billi...
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