Human After All
By TheWriteDoc
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Dear readers, I'm presenting you a story that I wrote a while ago, even before my first novel. It bears a special place in my heart as it helped me to discover the writer inside me. I hope you enjoy it :) 'Human After All' is a phrase I picked up from a favorite song of mine by Level 42. It struck me as being so basic yet poignant to the human condition that I had to make it the underlying theme of my story. So while reading it and pondering about the goings on I'd ask all of you to keep it in my mind, that we are all 'Human After All'-- liable to make mistakes, jump to conclusions, have misunderstandings and be generally crazy! Character sketch: Khanak Agarwal is a young, sincere, hardworking doctor who truly believes in the essential goodness of mankind. Shantanu Khandelwal is a Harvard educated architect who is ambitious and leery of developing lasting relationships with women that is until Khanak came by...


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Human Aft...
by TheWriteDoc