Mr. CEO's Maid
By rforrose11
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"Where have you been Sunshine?" Where have I been? Do I know him? He called me Sunshine. Gordon Bennett! Who the hell is this guy? Meet Evelyn Mary Richardson, a rich British girl who had to work as a maid to hide from the person whom she feared the most, her dad. She wanted nothing more than freedom,freedom from her own family and an ability to forget her past. Fate brought her close to Adam Hughes Moore, a Greek god. Meeting him everything eventually started to change. Not to mention,they got insanely attracted to eachother right away only to realize there was more in that attraction. With Evelyn's heart-crushing,guilt filled dark past and with Adam's own troublesome issues, will they be able to fish something out of that attraction? Will she be able to forget the regretful past? Will she be able to attain the freedom she wanted? Find out... WARNING: This story deals with abusive behaviour.Don't read if you get disturbed. Enter at your own risk. COPYRIGHTED. STRICTLY AGAINST PLAGIARISM. (Slow updates) P.S -REQUIRES MAJOR EDITING. DON'T READ THE BOOK IF YOU ARE HYPER SENSITIVE TO ERRORS.


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Mr. CEO's...
by rforrose11