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By SunKissedSky
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I'll show you how to improve your story with just a few tips and exercises. Writing a novel can be confusing, especially if you're new to it. Even if you're a pro at writing, it still helps to be refreshed. This is my way to help you. Hopefully it WILL help in your journey as a writer, and if you have questions, please ask me. I'll address topics such as: ~The five senses ~Believable characters ~Improving first drafts ~Plot twists ~Dialogue ~Descriptions ...And much more. Oh, and one more thing before you begin reading. I know there are a lot of chapters, and a ton of content, but don't overwhelm yourself! Try starting off with a couple topics you know you could improve on, work on those, and then read a couple more. If you read all of these chapters at once it may be a bit too much to take on! So take your writing journey as slow as you need, and work on it one step at a time.

The Five Senses - #1: Sight

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by SunKissedSky