Pinned but Flutteri...
By CassandraLowery
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After the death of both of her parents, Bella is left to the care of supposed friends of the family. But the longer she stays in their home, the more sinister events become. Family secrets leave her locked behind closed doors, both literally and metaphorically. And her one long-time ally has suddenly turned against her, no longer willing to stand between Bella and her abusive foster father.Plagued by the memories of her mother's death and remembrances of the kind young doctor who, while caring for her mother in her last days, gently removed eight-year-old Bella from her dead mother's arms on the worst morning of Bella's life, she misses the love of her parents, especially after being blamed for the death of her foster mother and the crippling injuries of her foster father. Now all of the people she has loved are now dead...except one. But he now callously joins in her abuse, seeming to take pleasure from her pain. Pinned within the four walls of her small bedroom, Bella yearns to flutter freely, to live a real life once again. Will she ever be rescued from her abusers?


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Pinned bu...
by CassandraLowery