Wolf In The Scorch
By Yuki101345
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Spoiler alert!!! A few parts are from the scorch trials movie other parts are from the book!! Don't read unless you've seen the movie and read the books!! ------------------------------------------------------ The boys were sent to a safe place after escaping the maze. But they weren't happy when they left, they lost many friends and most important they lost chuck. Thomas was always upset about losing chuck wishing he was with them now, but the thing he didn't know was there was a girl way before Teresa was sent. Her name was Sara, she was the first. Until newt said that she was trapped in he maze and never came back the next day knowing that she was dead. But what happens when they get to the scorch and find out the truth about everything the truth about Sara? Read to find out!!!

Chapter 1

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Wolf In T...
by Yuki101345