Ring of Dreams
By CarolynLorelle
  • Teen Fiction
  • adventure
  • assassins
  • daydream
  • dragon
  • dream
  • escape
  • fantasty
  • fealty
  • feudalism
  • forest
  • homage
  • knights
  • magic
  • medieval
  • mysterious
  • prince
  • quest
  • ring
  • tavern
  • village


"All that you have read, all that you have imagined, it can be real. All you need is the key." The old man spread his arms wide, bowing. For some reason Jane could just picture him making that gesture with wide, fluttering sleeves. It would suit him. Jane couldn't help herself. "What key?" "This key," he said, holding up a little gold ring that spun on a fraying ribbon. "A ring?" Jane asked. "Yes, yes, the ring!" he said. "If you put it on at night before you go to bed, while you sleep you will have the most amazing adventures." "So...it's a dream ring?" she said. "Yes and no, no and yes!" he cried. "Take it, take it! Time is short!"

Just Another Day

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Ring of D...
by CarolynLorelle