Tempted (#Wattys201...
By LostxInxStereo
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Bella Knowle is almost through her last year of high school. She's a straight A student, loves music, and has plans to go to school in the big city one day. While she's in school, her father is often running around the country, after all, he's Sean Knowle. He's running for congress. He has better things to do than stay home and worry about what his kids are doing. Justin grew up at the same school, only a few minutes from where Isabelle lives, graduating with her brother, the class of 2012, but they've never met. Not until she caught him in the parking lot screaming at poor jock Bradley Parker. Who was he? Where had he come from? Whoever he was, he made quite a first impression. Now Justin lived in Ward 7, the worst place to live in Washington D.C, doing illegal jobs to make a living after his father kicked him out. His parents didn't understand, how could they? They spent most of his early teenage years fighting every waking moment, leaving him and Jaxon to take care of their little baby sister. They didn't even know he left the house that night. He snuck away, finding himself stuck bloody in dark alley a few minutes later, only for Hunter to find him and help clean him up, hooking him up with his own employer, Manny, earning big bucks to do whatever was necessary to get the job done. What was the job? He didn't know, he wasn't allowed to know, not until it was done, and when it was done, you couldn't tell anyone. It was simple, if you broke the rules, they broke you. Once you're in there is no escape, you can't turn back. It was all down hill from that point... Until he met Bella of course.


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Tempted (...
by LostxInxStereo