Mikeys different
By uglybinch
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A/N: *this book is still under editing so if you get notifications on the same chapter that you just finished reading was probably publishing editing changes, sorry for the inconvenience.* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mikey is usally the clumsy, goofy one in the group who doesn't take stuff seriously sometimes. But what happens if ANOTHER screw up of his leads to the other three bashing him again? Will he just brush it off and apologize? Or will he do some self-reflecting? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALL THE CREDIT FOR THIS BOOK GOES TO janethekiller211 for she wrote it on my profile for me. (Also sorry I changed the bio and the whole plot of this story but I just realized I was taking the plot wrong and I had already written three chapters and published them to the readers of this book. The original author who started off this book has decided not to finish off this book so feel free to leave if you're unsatisfied. Also, cringe warning >///> I suck so.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Screw Up/Mikey (POV)

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Mikeys di...
by uglybinch