Careers Have Feelin...
By clatoforeverx
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"The thing is, I didn't expect to be like this," he says. The sunlight bounces off his golden hair, and it seems as if it's glowing. "Didn't expect what?" He smiles coyly, and all at once he seems more sure of himself than ever before. "I went wrong somewhere. I'm not supposed to feel this way. About the arena, about the people I'm hurting in here, and about you. But I do." "We're Careers. They don't expect us to feel anything," I say softly, knowing the risk those words carry even before I say them out loud. But I don't care. "Then they got us wrong." The Careers of the 74th Hunger Games were more than ruthless killers. Katniss knew them as the villains, bred to kill, ready to win. But this was far from the truth... ||#3 in #CLATO|| ||#1 in #GLARVEL|| (This is a Glarvel/Clato fanfic. I'm also changing the story of the original Hunger Games books) Currently editing and improving my writing style. NOT changing anything about the story/characters/events, so don't worry! It's exactly the same book, just written slightly better :) **THE HUNGER GAMES BELONGS TO SUZANNE COLLINS, AND SO DO MOST OF THE CHARACTERS** Cover image not mine

Chapter 1

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Careers H...
by clatoforeverx