I only want you (de...
By Avirilles
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**HIGHSCHOOL AU!!♡♡ Mathias is just some guy who's obsessed with Tumblr and Anime. After a negative life in Denmark, his online friend, Berwald, encourages him to move to Sweden for a new beginning. As Mathias arrives in Sweden, he's gifted with incredible friends and an amazing new school. All goes well until he finds himself more than just friends with Lukas, a distant boy from Norway. If you love a slow burning, fiery romance novel with sprinkled in drama and smiles, this is definetely the story for you. **NOTE: This fanfiction doesn't just focus on Dennor (even if it's the main focus of the story)! There is plenty of other ships speckled throughout this fanfic!

Chapter 1

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I only wa...
by Avirilles