The Dragon's Scale?...
By Cross-Warrior
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|The Fiction Awards 2019 Best Fantasy Winner| Magic, heroes, dragons. Josh Davidson has seen it all-in video games and movies, of course, because they would never be anything but fiction. Yet his dreams are slipping into reality, he is experiencing sudden energy surges, and a persistent voice is taking residency in his head. All of the insanity explodes when his bully goes on a murderous rampage, and the only one who can stop him is a beautiful girl wielding a bow and shooting magical ice arrows. The experience leads Josh to the truth: he's a Paladin, someone soul-bound to a dragon. Not only does he now have a dragon reaching into his thoughts, but the new status comes with magical powers meant to help him in his fight against the forces of darkness. Josh is more than eager to hone his new skills and help the Paladins in their fight, but the darkness they face is rising from its slumber, intent on destroying the Paladins and everything they stand for. Josh will have to learn fast, because the most important decisions are those he cannot escape. Decisions that risk not only the war which the Paladins fight, but the very people he holds dear. *Amazing cover made by Faylane*

The Dragon's Scale

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The Drago...
by Cross-Warrior