Warriors: Bloodshed
By WholeLotOfDeku
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The story of a great cat is about to be revealed. This cat had the same beginning as Scourge, tortured by her brother and sister, regarded as weak because of her size, and attacked by Clan cats because she was trespassing unknowingly. Well, this cat also has a similar fate as Scourge, she will seek revenge just as he did, she will kill cats just like him, and she will lead just like Scourge. Every cat has a choice to follow two paths, a path with glory, light, and loyalty or a path of bloodshed, darkness, and evil. Although, she will become successful in where Scourge failed. Her claws are sharper, her heart is colder and her mind is darker than Scourge could ever imagine. So will she succeed in where the former BloodClan leader failed? Or will she suffer the same fate as him and die just like him? Read to find out who she truly is... "Bloodshed is upon all cats. May some cat save us all before it's too late..." The Ancient Warriors of the Clans have spoken of a evil who will never stop the bloodshed she was born into and nurtured. "Fire Alone Can Save Our Clan" is the prophecy Spottedleaf foretold but there is another that she has not told another cat, but to only the Fire, Firestar: "Blood will rain upon all the living and nothing will survive its wrath. A very near kin has become the unimaginable. There will be nothing but them, and blood..." The medicine cat foretold as Firestar lost his first life against Scourge. Will he be able to find out what this means? Or will he be too late? Read to find out. "If you think that that weak black kitten is strong and evil, well you'd better think again..."


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by WholeLotOfDeku