Too Little Too Late
By JelenaFanfictionsx
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Too Little Too Late Trailer: Justin Bieber falls in love with his best friend's sister, Selena Gomez Somers. They become the most romantic couple of the year; until Justin's lies and secrets becomes the cause of them to breakup. What Selena doesn't know is Justin's deep secret. And the reason for him to have hurt the one he loved. To find the answer you will have to go back in time. So follow their story to uncover the truth. I wrote this about 2 years ago on Youtube and have decided to continue with the story on wattpad, so it may be slightly different to what I wrote on youtube. Characters in Too Little Too Late: *NOTE Selena and Demi aren't famous in this story Justin Bieber -- 18/20 years old famous, best friends with Justin and Chaz Selena Gomez Somers -- 17/19 years old Loves Justin's music, Chaz's sister Demi Lovato -- 17/19 years old fan of Justin Bieber and Selena's best friend Ryan Butler -- 18/19 best friends with Justin, Alfredo and Chaz Chaz Somers -- 18/20 best friends with Justin, Alfredo and Chaz, Selena's brother Alfredo Flores - 20/22 best friends with Justin, Ryan and Chaz Hope you enjoy!

It's Just Too Little Too Late

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Too Littl...
by JelenaFanfictionsx