Brave Hearts(Camila...
By ChocoClout
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You are in a relationship with a girl named, Camila Cabello. The two of you were so in-love with each other and your and Camila's parents are approved with it. One day Camila talk to you and said that she's auditioning for the X-factor, and as her proud girlfriend you approved with it, but things got changed when she started touring with her band mates she started to ignore your text, your calls, your emails, even the letters you gave her, and one day you just heard that she's dating a guy named, Austin Mahone. it hurts you so much so you decided to join Army, not just to move-on but also because its your grandfather's wish before he passed away from a heart attack. After four years of serving the Army, you got the Chance to go home to be with your family and to recover from war that almost took your life.

Brave Hearts(Introduction)

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Brave Hea...
by ChocoClout