Dragon Ball Z: The...
By haruishii
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For hundreds of years, a part of history has been hidden, tucked away and forgotten by even the oldest of beings. But what happens when Goku stumbles upon a mysterious girl who is far from normal and has unbelievable power, just waiting to be unleashed? Strange dreams begin to plague the Z Fighters and an ominous feeling looms over them where ever they go. Grudges long forgotten are soon stirred up again, bringing upon an unexpected villain who will do anything to get his revenge. Can the Z Fighters face the demons of the past and deal with the uncertainty of the future? --- Okay, so this is my first story on here, well... My first ANYTHING on here! I usually just read others stories, but I've decided to write my own and see what the public thinks. Hopefully this all goes well~! Disclaimer: I do not own Dragon Ball Z or any of the characters. All rights/possession belongs to Akira Toriyama, the rightful owner of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.


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Dragon Ba...
by haruishii