The Secret Singer
By addictofchocolate
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Cover by: @_ViciousCupcake_ with tweaks and a sticker added by @tinhovercarinice What if Cinderella never lost a shoe? What if she never met her prince at a ball or had a fairy godmother? What if she and and her prince were just two people trying to find a way in their messed up worlds? Stephanie Coleman has a secret. She has an amazing voice that can hit any note and hold it to perfection. But when her mom died, her dreams of becoming famous died too. Now she sings secretly for her best friend Amy, and only a select group of those close to her know her secret talent. But what if a certain famous pop star decided to enroll in her school and found out her secret accidentally? Collin Jacobs is a triple platinum selling pop sensation. However, behind all the glitter and gold of fame, he's miserable, and wants to find his way back to loving what he does and not being controlled by his recording studio. So when he finds out Stephanie's talent, he convinces her to help him on his journey. What if the girl who becomes his close friend finds her way much deeper in his heart? Read on for a twist on modern fairy tales in a Hollywood world where anything can happen! This is copyrighted, and any plagiarism will NOT be excused!! This is my first book, but do note that while it may seem cliche at first, it will reveal its true nature towards the end. So, read on for a true love story with adventure, mystery, and intrigue!

Chapter 1

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The Secre...
by addictofchocolate